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How Do You Store Your Stamps? (compiled)
2 Feb 2000 ---- # Posts 13
By Tori Wools

How Do you Store Your Wood Mounted Stamps?

From: "Sandy "---Hi Everyone, I have the 6 drawer Iris carts and have them in there.
They are in drawers in neat order at the moment by category so I can find something very easy. I imagine that sooner or later, that won't work as I'll run out of room and will have to do something different. 

From: Ginny ---I keep mine in a Iris cart, and my unmounted are in a book binder with the halo system.

From: "Cassey W." ---Hi everyone, For my wood mounted stamps, I have 2 of the 3 drawer sterlite thingys. These drawers are deep enough to hold two layers of stamps.
Although my goal is to get another set of drawers so I can just have one layer in each drawer, so I don't have to pick up one layer to see what is underneath. My mom has all her stamps like this and I love it. Actually I probably need a couple more sets of the drawers, cause I have a basket full of stamps that I didn't have room for. 

From: Tori W.---Ok, I use a Highsmith corregated organizer to store my stamp supplies in.  It is great! I have a 2 drawers for stamps, one for ink pads, one for ep's, gun, stylus, etc.., one for fragile papers & stuff, and one for odds and ends. I just love this thing. I have one for my scrapbook stuff too but I also have a ton of other things that my scrapbook stuff is in also.

>From Holly T.---- I HATE to put anything is soooo much easier just to have it out in the open. I bet you can guess how my whole house looks!!!

From: Dee--- OMG Holly -- a woman after my own heart!!! LOL I have 2 full 8-drawer Iris carts with stamping supplies in them. Two large tupperware storage bins (from the hardware dept) that I keep my small stamps in (labeled too, I might add) and a big square plastic container to keep my large stamps in. Unfortunately (?) I have too many stamps.  They don't fit. Therefore, they are stitting all over my stamping table(s), on top of my containers, in drawers, some fell on the floor ... well, you get the general idea. In other words, all over. And yes, the rest of my house looks the same. Oh well. Mine are all over the place. LOL I bought a large plastic bin but it's full. I have about 10 smaller rubber bins and they're all full too. The rest are sitting all over my stamping desks.

From: Joellen A---I don't have a uniques way yet..

From: "Jerri" ---  I have a big plastic bin that is actually a drawer. It is so full, that it no longer closes :( I try to stand them on their sides, but they always fall when I am rummaging around to find something.

From: "Maria P" -- Two Iris cabinets with 6 drawers each. I bought them like that so I would have room to store my growing collection. And I have another Iris cabinet that holds my paper, supplies, etc......

From: Mickey Jo
---Ok, Most of them are SU and lined neatly on a shelf in there own little cases. The others are in drawers flat ones, or in pizza boxes. Just adopted a new sort of box last week. Umm the patties frozen soy bean ones. grin. Box is great. Then I stamp up a piece of CS with what is inside.

From: "Bonnie E" ----- I do not have any UM's so I can't answer that. As for the others, I have them in 12 x 18 x7 clear containers; one is for the ones that have words or phrases,; another hold just the holidays. Another holds the set (mostly are SU sets) which I love. The way I keep track of what stamps and subjects I have is to stamp each image stamped on an index card and filed in a box. I then have categorized each
by subject, such as: angels, insects, flowers, people, teddies, butterflies, corner designs, and so on. Then if I know I want to do , say a card for a friend that likes sewing I can
go to the appropriate index and see what stamps I have to relate to her. I can also look up what saying I need if it's her birthday or to cheer her up. Sometimes I make cards requested by a friend and I can let them see what stamps I have and they can choose their own. That was a little off but it sure helps me to be organized.

From: Catrina K. -<-- So far, some neat ideas have been posted. I unfortunately don't have much room in the corner of my dining room so I have a 6 drawer iris cart that I use.  Most are stacked 2 deep but the blocks my dh made are skinny enough to get 3 deep.  They are organized in the drawers by category (for the most part, until the kids get thru with them). I have all of my stamps index in a binder so I can quick glance thru that for what I want, then go to the drawer.

From: "Anita L" ---- I store mine in Iris carts, but I need a new system. I'm outgrowing the carts and need more space!

How do you store your unmounted stamps? 

From: "Cassey W." ---Most of my stamps are ums though. So depending on the method I use to mount them.... Halos I store on index cards. I have the index cards on the binder rings (?) and then hang them on a peg board. With the tack it over and over (just started using this cause I ran out of halos tape) I use a small photo album and just stick them in there. No particular order right now. But I need to figure one out soon. =) Hugs

>From Dee---I don't yet. But I'm going to stamp them first on large brown envelopes and then keep them in yet another rubber bin. Love, Dee M.

From: Joellen A---I stamp my um's onto a piece of printer paper then I put that paper into a page saver then I use Aleene's Tack It Over and Over glue on my um's so they are sticky and I stick them onto the outside of the page saver either on top of the stamped copy or beside it. Then they are put into a 3 ring binder. I use both sides so they are heavier.

From: "Jerri" --- My unmounted are in a couple of ziplock for Christmas images and one for everything else. I am SOOOOOOOO organiuzed.

From: "Maria P" -- As for my um's, I keep them in a zip lock bag in one of the Iris cabinet drawers. You can tell I buy a lot of um's.

From: Mickey Jo --- Well they have been in tons of little baggies all over the place. Then I got organized and put them ALLL in a cute little container.  Well Ummm my container is now full. I need another storage type idea. Am thinking of either base ball card pages, or 6 x 9 white envies. 

insert.........well I did neither...grin...I put all my UM's in  (5) 3 inch white binders.  I use clear pages, white card stock and hook velcro.  I stamp the image onto the white cs, then slide it into the clear vinyl page, then put a piece of hook part of velcro to left, right or below the stamped image.  And place my UM on it.  I make sure that NONE of my stamped images are covered.  So I do this little by little or line by line.  And then on the end of the binders, I write what is in them, a sort of index.  Makes for FAST finding of a particular image.  Look at pic below.

New_Um_Storage.jpg (36953 bytes)

From:Catrina K.-->- divided by categories in baggies.

From: "Anita L" ---- I don't have any UMs, so don't need to store them.

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