Pre-tied Satin Ribbon Bows

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Ever wanted that extra added touch for a card and thought about a bow, but you knew no matter how hard you try you just can't tie one that even resembles the perfect bow. Well now you don't have to go through all the trouble. Mouse Connections has several colors and Samplers in PRE-Tied Satin Ribbon Bows.  They are just right for all your cards or stamping gifts. They measure 1 1/2 inch from left loop of bow to right loop. And Then from top to bottom of dangling end is 1 inch.   They look like Silk, but are actually Satin. Or email me at for an updated list of Sampler packs.  These are very reasonably priced, have heard can't find them at a better price.  Updated 5 September  2006 Click for Printable Order Form

For Stampers or Crafts of any kind

                   Available Packs

Mini Dark Mix Bow Pack  20 Bows 

3 Gold Leaf, 3 Scarlet, 4 Red, 3 Forest Green, 3  Green,  4 GrapePrice 

Price  $ 1.65 + Sh & H

    Mousey     Mixed     Six             Bow Pack    

60 bows 6 each of 

 White, Orchard,  Ivory, Lt. Yellow, Lt.  Pink,  Lt. Aqua, Country Blue,   Lt. Coral, Scarlet, Forest Green

 Price $ 4.50 + Sh & H

DARK Mousey Mixed Six Bow Pack     

54 bows 6 each of 

Country Blue,  Grape,  Red, Scarlet,   Forest Green,   Green,   Gold Leaf,   Pumpkin,   Red Lame' (Red & Gold)

  Price $ 4.05 + Sh & H

Mini Blue Christmas        Bow Pack 

10   White  &  10 Country Blue

  Price  $ 1.65 + Sh & H

 Happy Mix for  Fall & Winter               100 Bows   20 each of 

    Forest,   Scarlet,  Country Blue,      Pumpkin, White  

  Total Price $ 6.55 + Sh & H  

     Candy Cane Bow Pack            50  Bows

25 White & 25 Red 

 Price $ 3.60 + Sh & H


 Candy Cane Bow Pack 10 White & 10 Scarlet

 Price  $ 1.65 + Sh & H  

  Santa Surprise pack   40 Bows 10 each of  & 3 ft braid

Red Lame' (Gold and Red),  Forest, Scarlet,  Ivory           

3 ft of Braided Ribbon a combination of   ( Wine, Forest Green, and Gold Lame'  )

    Price  $3.60 + Sh & H                   

             #2 Santa Bow pack            50 Bows 10 each of       

Red   Lame'  (Gold and Red),       Forest,    Scarlet,   White,    Country Blue           

 Price $3.60 + Sh & H

Mini Cupids Bow Pack  

10 Ivory & 10 Red

  Price $ 1.65 + Sh & H

 Blue Christmas Bow Pack    50 Bows

25 White & 25 Country Blue

  Price  $ 3.60 + Sh & H

           Wedding  Bow  Pack         100 Bows  10 White  & 18 each of

Lt. Pink, Cream, Lt. Aqua, Orchid, Iridescent  (Clear)

  Price  $ 6.55 + Sh & H   

Mini Irish Bow Pack    10 White & 10 Forest Green

Price   $1.65 +   Sh & H

       Spring   Bow   Pack    60 bows, 12 each of

   Lt. Coral,   Lt. Yellow,   Lt. Aqua,  Green, Orchid

   Price    $4.50 + Sh & H

Soft Haunting Pack

50 Bows  25 each of  

               Pumpkin and  White                    

 Price    $ 3.50 + Sh&H 

Mini Spring Bow Pack   20 Bows

( 3  white,  3  lt. pink,   4  lt. yellow, 4 Orchid, 3 lt. Aqua, 3 Ivory )

 Price $1.65 +   Sh & H

Mini Wedding Bow Pack       20 Bows

(  3  lt. Pink,   4  lt. Yellow,  3  lt. Aqua,    3 Ivory, 3 Orchid, 4 Iridescent "Sheer ")

 Price $1.65 + Sh & H

Sample   Bow   Packs 

(smaller packs) 10 pre-tied bows

   You choose the  colors  below

         Price  .75 cents + Sh & H

(Forest, Green, Scarlet, Red, Pumpkin, Country Blue, Ivory, Lt. Pink,  Lt. Aqua, Lt. Yellow, White, Gold Leaf, iridescent, Lt. Coral, Grape, or Lavender)

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