All scans below are 99% accurate of the actual size.  The smaller scans I could not get a clear scan of it. Image looks exactly like a larger version, just on a smaller scale, but very clear when image is stamped......this page was updated on 4 Sept. 2006

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Unmounted, Wood or Foam 

Some Images below you can click on and see a card made with them.  If hand appears when you hover over it, click.

H 103-CC 

    MAMA PUP     

Price   $4.00 um

I 00212-MC  


 Price   $ 4.00 um 

C 00314-CC 

Tooth Brushing Pup  

Price   $ 2.25 um

B 00303-CC


Price   $ 1.75 um

C 00213-MC 


Price   $ 2.25 um

C 01708-CC


Price $ 2.00 um

B 00304-CC 


Price   $ 1.75 um

C 00211-MC 


   Price   $ 2.75 um

B 104-CC 

 Fetching Pup   

Price   $ 1.75 um 

B 105-MC  


    Price   $ 1.75 um

B 00209-MC  

Sm. WOOF     

Price   $ 1.75 um

B 00302-CC


Price  $ 1.75 um 

A 01504-CC 

      Doggy Bone 

Price   $ 1.50 um

AA 01407-CC

Tiny Doggy Bone

Price  $ 1.25 um

A 0508-MC

 Sm. grrr 

Price   $ 1.50 um


B 01803-CC


Price  $1.75 um




Um = Unmounted Rubber Stamps, Wood Mounts are DBL UM Price., mount on  Mousey Mounts an  Extremely Durable foam, approximately 1/2 inches thick, $1.00 ea. + Um Price.  (This includes us mounting and trimming) Or mount your own stamps with Mousey Mounts,  8x10 sheet is $6.25, 4x5 sheet is $3.50. 

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We accept these payment types:
  Checks, Money Orders and Credit Card Payments through  PayPal.

If you don't have PayPal, that's OK they will help you get signed right up.

Personal Checks Must clear prior to merchandise shipment if you are a first time customer.  

Please make checks or money orders payable to:

Mickey Jo or Ralph 
P.O. Box # 98
Lynnville, TN 38472
(931) 527-0061

To pay by check or money order follow these steps:

Click on the following button Once your email program opens up, choose the area where you would normally type an Email (Body). Type your Order in the box.  Send the emailed version 1 to us and 1 to yourself.  Then go up to File click on Print.  Include this printed copy with your check or money order.  

Once we receive your request, we will Email you back to Verify your Order. And give you your total due.   If you have any questions feel free to ask us. Thank You for your  business.  


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