Mitten Christmas Ornament

Supplies you will need:

Large Mitten Stamp by Mouse Connections

Kraft Brown paper (like the shopping or grocery bags)

Embossing Powder in Fine detail (black or gold)

Pinking or Fiskars decorative scissors

Radiant Pearls, or markers, or colored pencils.  You choose the coloring technique you want to use.  Paints work the best and look the best.

Aleene's Tacky Glue

JUKE String cut into 6 inch long pieces.  (you might decide to go shorter)


stamp on the brown bag type paper also comes in Roll like gift wrap color Kraft. Just stamp using emboss powder in Black or Gold for Fine Detail, on the above type paper.

 Then place another piece of same paper underneath and cut out with pinking type sheers/ scissors. Don't cut to close, leave about 1/4 inch away from out line of stamp.

Then color them in with Radiant pearls or similar product.

Next glue front and back together, edges only.  Adding a Juke piece of string caught in between. Do not glue the top shut just yet.

Stuff with cotton, then glue top shut.

Add a little bow for an added touch. Make twelve of them and give them as a gift. I also carry this is a Large Stamp size 4 1/2 inches. So bid now and make your Christmas gifts.

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