Retriform/ Grid card Technique

Ok I promised I would give my directions on how to do the Retriform / Grid card Technique in easy steps. I asked that you go out and purchase the BIG White Oval shaped sponge that is sold at Wal-Mart in the bath and beauty section.

Cut into 8 pieces 

So let's begin.

First off you will need at least 4 different shades of ink pads. Dye Ink Please. Pick ones that look good together.

Next get a cream card folded and a white card folded.

Why one of each? Well this way you will see which one you like better. Or might like them both.

Ok now you will need at least 5 images. Maybe 6. 

I will suggest if you have say a bible verse choose it for the center. I stamped mine in Rose colored pad, then stamped a Bumble bee over top of it in More Mustard by SU.

** no I do not sell Stampin Up, just love there pads.**

Ok Once you stamp your middle (words or one image only)

Get an envelope or sheet of paper. I use one of my ready to throw out envelopes. You know one that a bill came in. grin.

Now choose your first color. How about the lightest one.

Lay your envelope on top of your stamped image so that you JUST COVER the right edge of it.

Now you will either sponge or swipe your first color on.

SPONGING....Dab sponge to dye ink pad 3 times then in one area dab 3 times. Continue this until the wholes side of the card you are coloring in is covered.

SWIPING....Dab your sponge in the Dye in 2 or 3 times.  Now placing your Sponge on the envelope about one inch in toward the middle from the side you are using. Lay Sponge down, and swipe outward toward the card edge you want to shade. Go down the edge with out re inking sponge until it is needed to be done.

Ok there is both techniques, you decide which one you want to do. Or how about doing one on the cream, and the other on the White CS. I love them both. Swiping though gives a feathery look.

Now time to use DYe INK COLOR # 2. Turn your card so that
you are now working on the TOP edge. Cover your image, again making sure you just barely cover the top edge of  the image. Swipe or Sponge on the 2nd color in the same manner as told above. All the way from one edge to the other, covering the 1st color chosen.

Then turn the card so that you are now ready to shade in the folded edge of the card with color #3. Repeat as above.

Next is the bottom. Using Color # 4.

Ok you can stop right there and be done with the sponging or shading....depending on which one you chose. OR you can
do one of the 2 following ideas.

Face Card back upright as if you had just received it and were viewing it. Now which ever color you chose for the left side (the one on the fold) you will use this one again.

Dab the Sponge on the pad 2 times. Instead of covering the image this time you will cover the shaded area on the bottom of the card. You are going to SWIPE the sponge toward the image stamped in the middle.

Ok that is Example #2. Leave as is. Now if your image is say a bird in the middle, you can leave as is, or color it in. That gives even another method to this card.

Now for the last Example. You can do the Swipe toward the middle all the way around the card. What ever color Dye ink is to the left of the side you want to swipe, is the color you would use to swipe toward the middle.

Ok now taking your 4 other stamps. Stamp one image in each corner. WAIT take a look at your card. If you used say green in the bottom left corner, DO NOT use Green in that same corner, but use it in the TOP RIGHT corner. 

You will do the best job if you take 2 strips of scrap paper.  Cover over everything except for the corner you want to stamp on. Now instead of doing a perfect stamped image right in the middle of that open space, place your stamp so that it goes partly on top of the SCRAP paper. PERFECT. You are doing great.

Now continue around until you have all 4 corners done using the steps I told you above. 

Now if you stamped words in the middle, and want to stamp over it with something. Then you will need 4 scrap pieces of paper. Place them all around so only the middle is showing.  Now STAMP your image partly onto the scraps.

OK you are done. What do you think? Hope you enjoyed my little class. grin.
Hugs to you all.
Mickey Jo in TN

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