How to use Fabric Ribbons, Silk Ribbons on cards!  
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From: Mickey Jo --- The ribbons I send out are what you get on the big spools. They are about 2 inches wide, or maybe a bit less. I do different things with them. Have to let your imagination take over. grin

1 - Measure from the top of your card to the bottom. Cut piece of ribbon that size. Leave one end of the strip you cut off flat or blunt across. The other end gently fold it together and cut a triangle out of it, so that when you let go you have 2 points. Then using Rubber Cement glue I glue it to my card. Usually down the middle.  And then set up my card on top of it just like if that was background paper.

2 - Cut it in diagonal strips. Put one across top right corner, and one across bottom left
corner. Then stamp and layer an image in between these two. Looks great.

3 - I'm saving all the little triangles I cut out to make a quilted card. grin.

4 - If the ribbon is wide enough, cut and use like a quilt under a bear. But mostly used as ribbons as in # 1.

From: Julie K. ---Those are wonderful ideas on how to embellish cards with ribbons. Now I need to learn how to TIE a pretty ribbon. Oh, I can tie a bow, don't get me wrong, but then I fuss with it for 5 minutes to give it the fluffy sort of look that I prefer on cards and such. There HAS to be an easier way. 

What do you use to attach your ribbons? 

Sometimes I use dimensionals or double sided-foam-in-the-middle-type tape bit because it is soooo sticky and give the bow a nice height. Satin ribbons go on with a BLOB of glue stick. Any other suggestions?

From: Mickey Jo --- Ok, Pre-tied bows, (I sell these, go to HOME page) As for gluing them onto your card, I use Aleene's THICK Designer Tacky Glue. Found at Walmart. Great for putting buttons on cards too.

I watch for sales or store closings. That is how I got the Big fancy kinds. And Big Lots
sometimes. I also buy the thin Ribbon at Walmart. It is great for taking your tiny hole punch after decorating a brown or white lunch bag. Punch 2 tiny holes in the top and tie the ribbon through it. Can even make a cute tag to add. Just punch hole in the corner of this and add to the bag. I stamp my bags or use the wheel arounds found from SU and other VENDORS around.

From: Shelly G. --- In Australia, we have stores called Spotlight, they sell all sewing, craft, home wares. I've been buying organza ribbon, about 1/2 " wide for 25c a metre. This ribbon looks great done in bows and if you stuff up the bow with organza it doesn't show up that much. LOL I also use buttons, little bells, raffia and I've just started using Sculpey clay in a lot of my cards. It depends on what sort of mood I'm in. LOL.

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27 November 2000 by Cathy
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What is your favorite type of ribbon? There are tons of different types out there from silk, raffia, wire, wide, think, ect:: 

>From Ginny~~I like the organdy ribbons.

>From Maria~~I like the organdy ribbons.

>From Linda~~ ---Soft organza Debbie's! 

>From Romilly~~I like all of them for different looks..

>From Carol~~I like using the satin ribbon for tying bows by hand, usually this is the very narrow variety, I also just love the different colored tartan ribbons we have here , they are great for using underneath the punch out cards that I do with the teddies etc. I also like to buy the gingham check ribbon too. I usually tie them in bows and the glue them to the front of my cards

>From Josie~~--- I like wire ribbon, raffia and random colored thin ribbon.

>From Lyn~~My favorite type of ribbon is sheer french ribbon.  It's about 3/4 of an inch wide and goes through a range of colors ( pinks to purble/blues to green) from one side to the other. 

How many different types do you own?

>From Ruthann~~----More than I care to count..I like sheer the best and have lots of colors of that. I'm just starting to use Fibers in place of ribbon on some cards.

>From Ginny~ about 5
>From Bev~~ ---Maybe 8 or 10

>From Romilly----I try not to count my ribbon, just as I don't count my silk floss, my cotton floss

>From Josie-------Wellll...not a great amount, but I tend to pick some up every so often. I would say 5-8 spools...(probably seems like nothing compared to what you all have!!), my wool thread, or my fabric, except to note when I'm running  low on something. 

How do you use your different types of ribbon?

>From Ruthann~-----I usually make tied bows.

>From Ginny~ ---for my cards

>From Maria~~ ---embellishments for my cards. Well, that depends on the stamp that I am using. I have used ribbon to layer. Then, on my other cards, I tie bows and glue them to the cards. I've never tried using ribbon for collage. 

>From Bev~~ I use it as an embellishment for my cards. 

>From Linda-----around cards for frames, embellishments

>From Romilly------Oh what a question. You can embroider it down, make ribbon roses, make rosettes, use it as a layer in and of itself under layered paper, include it in a tassel, hmmm... fray it, embed it in a collage... 

>From Josie ----around cards for frames, embellishments ~ I try to tie a piece of velum or something to my cards, or put a bow in there somewhere...

How do you attach the ribbons, fibers, etc., to your cards?

>From Ruthann~----I use double stick embossable tape. A little piece on the back of the knot will hold really well. I sometimes cut two slits and instead of a bow weave it through twice and end up with both tails of the ribbon top. Yesterday I took a piece of 1/2" wide sheer ribbon about 10" long, doubled it and tied 3 knots in it. One about an inch from the top, one an inch from the bottom and one in the middle of those two. I then just put a little piece of tape on each knot and kind of laid it flat on the front of a card. --

>From Ginny~ --- I punch holes and also use glue, sometimes I do a bow and tie it,
sometimes I punch holes and weave the ribbon through the holes, sometimes just use strips to accent the card, or to make collages

>From Maria~~-- I either punch holes or glue them on the card.

>From Bev~ ---Sometimes I punch holes and tie it on, sometimes I use glue, sometimes I will take a length of ribbon and tie it around the fold of my card, either tying a bow on the center front fold, or knotting it and letting it hang from the top or bottom....sometimes, I put it through the xyron and just do strips on the card.

>From Linda----- I use an industrial glue E600

>From Romilly ------Depends on what I'm doing. Generally I use Sobo glue. But You can embed them in almost any gloss or matte medium if you're using that for a collage base...  Or tie them to the card through a punched hole. Embroider right through the cardstock...

>From Josie---- um, usually just tie it to the card, or use hole punch to make holes...

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