Explosion Card Instructions
By Mickey Jo aka Mousey Mom

Explosion Card Directions ---Ok this is kind of hard to explain. But if you follow the step one at a time and do each one of them as soon as you read it.  You will catch on pretty fast.

First get up and go get a couple pieces of computer paper.

Cut them into squares of 8\'94 x 8\'94.

Fold them in half from Top to bottom.

Fold then back wards on the very same fold. (Same line)

Now fold them corner to corner. Crease the fold. 

On the same fold line, fold it back wards from corner to corner. The reason you fold it front wards then back wards on the same fold line is so that it springs open very easily when someone opens your card.

Next fold from corner to corner on the opposite corners. 

Then back wards same line.

Now place your paper in front of you so that the VERY FIRST fold line that you made is horizontal. Meaning pointing Left and Right. Ok Now this is where it gets hard. So follow each step closely.

Using thumbs and fingers on both of your hands. Pick up the piece of paper. Meet two
sides together of the Line making them touch. DO NOT CREASE.

Hold them together with your left hand. Now you have a sort of 2 pocket looking funnel pouch. OK Keeping your line Horizontal still, and taking your right hand, put thumb and finger like making a duck quack. grin   Should we practice that. grin Ok ok----Place them on the smooth part of the paper. Near the formed point. Push
them together forming a cone shaped like a V.

Flatten the shape out like that. 

Now take your left and right points of the and fold them in to the middle. Turn and do the same with the back side. Cause there are 4 points. Fold them all in to the center. 

Now remember we have to make those folds move easy. So fold them again the opposite way.

Now fold them back out in the V shape. Taking the points again. Push them to the middle forming a V on each end. Crease your lines. 

Now Trim the TOP edge with scissors to fit in side your card.  Check to make sure that you cut it short enough. 

Now you are ready to stamp on it. Before stamping. Look at how mine is place in the card.  Place yours on the table as if you were placing it inside a card. So that you don't stamp words upside down. You Need to watch what you are doing. Now to place it inside of your card. 

***You need to make sure that you don't place the point to close to the inside fold of your card. Or The recipient won't be able to open the card up very far. Glue or use double sided tape on the edge that will go on the back inside edge first.  Glancing inside again to make sure your words are upright. Place it where you want it. Then
tape or glue the top side. Shut the card. All done. Now wasn't that easy. grin Hope it was.
Hugs Mickey

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