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Dauber Duos (compiled)
by Catrina 7 Feb 2000

From: Catrina K.

Ok ladies, how many of you have used these things? Please help me out. I bought some
yesterday to try and I am not sure what to do with them. Are they embossable? The
questions could go on, but for Mousey's sake, I will let it end there. 

From: "Anita L. --- Catrina, Dauber Duos are cool! They're a great way to apply
various colors of ink directly to your stamp and then stamp the image. They are
embossable and come in some great colors. So, if you have a stamp that you want to stamp in several colors (like a flower with a green stem & leaves and a purple flower), use these. The small tips allow you to get in to some pretty small spaces.

From: Juliatheresa B.--- Hi: I thought of some other uses for dauber duos: Dab it onto plain ribbon to make pretty-colored ribbons, can use multiple colors as a neat effect. Dab it onto the edges of a card to add touch of color. Can emboss over it if you like. Gold ink with gold embossing powder looks quite luxurious. If I think of any more, I'll pop in with those. 

From: Jenn S. ---I have a ton of these and like them A LOT :o) you can use them to actually "color" your stamps.. like if you have a larger stamp and want it to be multi-colored then you can "color" it the way you want make sense??? yes they're pigment inks so.. they are embossable....and you can use them to color the edges of cards.. or for single stamps.

From: Dee M.--- Hey Catrina -- Yep, they're embossable. I also use them to color in stencils on my paper. You can also use them on stamps by just dabbing them. This way you can do different colors on one stamp. I have the whole set and I keep them sitting right in front of me, but I usually grab a color box to emboss. Geez!

From: Karen. R.--- Hi Catrina, They have pigment ink so they are embossable.
You can use them with stencils or templates. Just dab them over. Because they are
smaller, they are easier to handle.My stamping teacher who is now a good friend, uses
them heaps. Also they are good for dabbing on letter stencils because they are small You can also use them like the small ink pads. Hope you enjoy. Regards KareninNZ
DOD Dauber Duos More Compiled 
28 August 2000---by Cathy

How many dauber duos do you own?

From Bev ~ 2 I tend to forget I have them. I probably have not used them more than 1 time each.
From Jenn ~ I have like 8-10 of them....
From Mickey Jo ~ 25  they are great for edging.
From Sandy ~ only 1. They are very expensive for what you get
From Lynn ~ I have a bunch and love them.
From Dee ~ All of them.

What do you do with them?

From Jenn ~ they're different colors than I have for pigment pads so I use them as that
when I like to emboss.. or if I want something multi colored I "paint" it on with a few
diferent ones.

From Catrina ~ use them with my stencils to color it in and then emboss it.

From Ginny ~ I use them on stamps to put color, I use them also to put extra background colors

From Mickey Jo ~Oh this is bad. You all are going to laugh. But I have not even used them yet. I keep forgetting that I have them

From Lynn ~ They are great for inking up stamps with the right colors for the right areas and then embossing

From Dee ~ Everyone once in awhile I'll use them to ink up a stamp in different colors and then emboss it, but I usually forget I have them. 

From Bonnie ~ I've only used them so far for some stenciling. They were one of my FIRST stamping purchases\par ** There are refills available for the Dauber Duos.

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