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TIP- My 12 Step TIP's for Conventions

Since conventions are now in full swing, I wanted to post my
12 Step Tip's for attending one without having to take a second mortgage out on your house or selling your hubby. I have learned over the years that this works best for me. I have learned by trial and error. 

Tip #1- Take cash only. DO NOT take your credit cards. Nor
             your checkbook. No matter how much you say your               spending limit is, it's never enough for all of the things that you see and want. Don't let yourself get tempted. Some of my impulse buys are still in the wrapper on the shelf.  Am I the only one this happens to?

Tip #2- Wear comfortable shoes. Remember, you will be walking
            and walking.  And standing watching demo's. Be kind to    your feet. 

Tip #3- Take a hand mirror with you for reading the unmounted
             verse stamps.  You can get one doozy of a headache trying to read those little devils.

Tip #4- Consider packing a lunch. Food at the conventions can
             be quite expensive. Leave it in a cooler in your car. If you are
going in a group, have a tailgate party half way through the convention. This also gives you a nice break away from the hustle and bustle. Rest for a little while, relax, get off your feet. Put your purchases in the car so your hands will be free for the second half. You will be re-charged for the remainder of the day.

Tip #5- Most vendors have websites. So you don't need to buy
            it all at the convention. Ask for a business card, most vendors have them available.   Usually they have their website written on the card. That way you can browse their site and purchase smaller amounts over a longer period of time. Great for those on a fixed income and a tight budget.

Tip #6- Take a disposable camera with you. You can take pictures of
            displays at most booths. But ask before you do. There are
some vendors that do not allow pictures. If you loose the disposable
camera, you are only out a few dollars, not the big money if it were your good one.

Tip #7- If you and a friend are attending, think about splitting those
            expensive papers that you want. Helps keep the cost's down
for both of you and you both get what you want.

Tip #8- Bottled water. Aaahhh, the sip that refreshes. 
Concession stands
charge around $2.00 for a bottle. Wouldn't you rather spend
your money on
stamp stuff than plain old water?

Tip #9- Take a bag with you to put all of your purchases in. Trying to
             navigate the booths with little individual bags can be a real
pain. Not to mention they can get lost easily.

Tip #10- Carry a small notepad and pen. Write down the
               directions of the demo's that you are watching. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing the items for a design only to forget how it was done. 

Tip #11- Be careful with your money. There were instances
              last year at a few conventions of shoplifters and thievery out of peoples bags. One lady had her bag of purchases stolen while she was watching a demo. And they did arrest a few people for shoplifting. (Hard to believe a fellow stamper would do this.)

Tip #12- If you know ahead of time exactly what stamp you want
              from a vendor, contact them before the convention to insure that they bring that image with them. Sometimes you can even purchase the item before the convention and pay for it. Then have the vendor bring it to the show with them. This saves you shipping and taxes in most cases.    Every penny helps!  I have done this several times. And some vendors even throw in a "special goodie" when you do this.

Tip #13- The biggest tip of all Have Fun!!!

Women are like teabags. They don't know how strong they are until they get in hot water. --- Eleanor Roosevelt

** Tips Submitted to me by.....Teri Long

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