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Confession of a Stampin Junkie

I have received numerous replies about my stamping stuff
stash.  So I thought I would send a message and share with all rather than individual e-mails.  Well, it all started out very innocently. I thought I could control it. I just had to have this. Then I just had to have that.   Oh, I have to go to work so I won't have time to play with
those new supplies. Let me put it away and I will get to it this
weekend. And into the drawer it goes.
The weekend came.  Oh, I need to make a few birthday cards
for friends.  And need to get that swap done that I signed up for. Hhmm, maybe I won't get to playing with those supplies this weekend after all.
Girlfriend calls, she is going to the Paper Zone. Do I want
to go? Almost break my neck running out the door. Oh, look at all of the papers! I need an ink pad to help match that c/s. Got it. Hhmm, need some brads.  Got it. 
Home again. Played with new toys. 

(Forgot about the ones in
the drawer already!)

Hubby is going to the hardware store. Once again, almost
broke my neck running out the door. They have the BEST supplies for
stamping. FREE wallpaper books for the asking, carpet tape (much cheaper than heavy duty double stick tape), FREE formica tile samples to stamp on, FREE paint chip
cards that will do just right for the flower punch I have. 
Duct flashing that has adhesive on one side that you can do "metal
embossing" on. Way, way cheaper than the sheets of tin at the stamp store for crafting. That furnace filter that is on clearance for 25 cents would do just fine for ink texture on a card. If I cut it up, I will have many of them to use with different colors. Unglazed ceramic tiles (4x4) that you can stamp on then seal for coffee coasters for gifts. And they are only 21 cents at the hardware store. My local craft store sells them for over  $2.00 each.
So now the hardware store has taken on a whole new meaning.
The grocery store has a new meaning too. I buy the cheap
basting brushes (75 cents) to use as stippling brushes. The waxed bags that donuts come in. Don't forget the tissues at the bakery for picking up donuts. 
By the end of the year, I had accumulated so much stuff that
I had to go and buy Iris Carts to store it all. 
Then I got the "bright" idea that I want to move my stamp
room upstairs and our son wants to move downstairs. (He is 19 and wants a little more privacy.) Now I have to clean up the stamp room. OMG, where did all of this come from!
I've been looking for that. Couldn't find it, bought
another. Now I have 2! Hhmm, wonder if my Secret Sister would like one?  So I started with a box and put all of the duplicates of
items that I have in it. I have enough stuff that I am currently in a "junk
swap", and enough stuff to furnish a small classroom. (No, I am not
going to teach class, I work full time and barely find the time to play
myself.)  Occasionally when I send a RAK out, I will tuck some of my
goodies into the envelope. Or send some to a hostess of a swap. After all, I need to share the wealth. My house isn't THAT big.
So that is how my little itty bitty stash grew and grew and
grew! And the funny thing is, I bet I am not the only one on this list that this has happened to!! Anyone else want to come to confession with me? ROFL

Hugs to all,
Teri L.


I went to a DOTS demo about 2 years ago and, although I had planned on not buying much, cause really what can you do with rubber stamps, I ended up spending about $80 on stuff. Ok, fine and dandy, that would last me awhile. 
Oh, but I bought EP -- guess I need a heat gun. Found an AC Moore store about 30 minutes away -- oh, cute purple carrying case -- I'll get one of those and a few of the little white containers to keep my stamps in. Ok, that'll work. Oh, look at those stamps - buy, buy, buy. A few weeks laterI had to buy another carrying case and a few more of those white containers for the few new stamps I bought. 

Oh yea, Marvey Markers, well, one set will be
enough. Oh, a different little white thing to hold the markers. Oh,
another DOTS party??? Yea, sure, I'll come. Now I need 3 carrying cases to hold all my stamping stuff.

Oh, IRIS carts. Well, yea, but one eight drawer one will be quite enough.
Wow -- that filled up fast. Where did all that cardstock come from? Ok, forget the darn carrying cases, they're not working any more and forget the dining room table. I just have too much stuff to keep taking it out and putting it back when I use it. I need a desk. Oh, Daddy has a small desk he doesn't need and he says I can have it. It's just the right size.

Well, this isn't going to work. I have a space about one square foot to
work on cause the rest of the desk is covered in stamping stuff. Oh geeze, time to move to the big metal office desk right next to it. Well, I guess I also need another IRIS cart too. Geez, that one filled up real quick too. But now I have lots of room on the new desk. Yea, right. I now need to get out the extra IRIS cart and start putting some stuff into it cause I'm back to my one square foot of working area! Geeze, will it ever end??????? LOL

Love, Dee M.

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