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Colorbox ink Direct to Paper compiled
By Ruthann Gigliotti Fri, 18 Feb 2000

Good Morning Stampers. I'm not sure if I know what I am suppose to do today but thought it would be fun to try to try and explain a little about Colorbox Pigment Inks and using them right on the paper.

Have you tried Colorbox ink Direct to Paper yet? It's so much fun. Colorbox Inks are
pigment inks and come in little Cats Eyes, Full size pad, Paintbox and Petal Points. If you aren't familiar with them you can see them on this web page. 

I was making cards the other day and stamped a large flower (just the head of flower) on dark card stock and then took little Cats Eyes and used them to color the flower. You just brush gently with the Cats Eye pad directly onto the paper. You can also change the color of card stock with Colorbox ink. Just brush,swipe whatever over the card stock and make it a different color. Colorbox ink won't dry on glossy paper unless you emboss it so you need to use a mat card stock to do this. 

So have you tried it???? What did you do? Any questions?

From: "Jerri" ---- Ruthann, I have never tried this at all!!! I have not even sponged yet. I don't have any of the cat's eyes, but have lots of colors of pigment ink. I think it is time I tried it...What can you do with the larger pads?? I have heard that you can emboss the entire piece of cardstock, but I have not done that either... Hugs, jerri---- who is chicken to mess up my cardstock

ANSWER--from Ruthann G. -- If you just have the large pads, you can just use the
corner or edges of them to make designs on card stock. I've embossed a front of a card
with a Top Boss Clear embossing pad but have never tried it with a color.

From: Catrina---  Ok, I have to admit, I have about 6 cats eyes. I have
only used them on rubber for stamping/embossing. Not very creative of me, but hey, they work for that too. Will have to try the coloring in with them ok Ruthann. Have to forgive me for being slow sometimes.

From: Ruthann G. --- Just gently rub the tip of the cats eye over what you want
colored. It's a lot faster than a marker and you can make it look blended.

From: "Anita L.--- Here's a cool thing I learned in a collage class last weekend. Take a colorbox pad in brown tones or "antique" type tones and lightly apply to paper that you want to make look old. It works especially well on paper that's torn to get rid of the raw edge.

From: Mickey Jo - Ok Mousey Mom is a little late jumping in on this. But have NEVER EVER tried Colorbox before. Didnt' own any until lately. grin But I have used Cats eyes onto card stock. Remember Bonnie D. At our SU work shop. We took the ummm stained glass stamp set from SU. I picked the hummingbird one. You used the cats eyes starting with your lightest color first. Fill in each section. When totally done sprinkle clear EP over the top of it then heat with an embossing gun. This is what we did right Bonnie? I am not 100% that there was not another step. But I love the results. Sooo pretty. Now I need to read more of the DOD's coming in so I can see how to use my colorbox's.

From: Bonnie--- I know this is kind of late for the DOD Colorbox Direct to Paper, but I found this sheet that was handed out at a booth at convention. This was my favorite booth of demonstrations. These cards that they were making were just amazing. They reminded me of colored tiles when finished. They were glossy and beautiful. Wish I had a scanner to show you the pictures I took of them. Anyway here it is: Special Techniques For ColorBox Palettes Created for Stampin'Up!

Technique No. 1: Direct-to-Paper---Apply colors directly to paper with either CAT'S Eye, Petal Point petals, Colorbox2 or Paintbox2 Option Plates by gently rubbing the pad onto the paper. Dauber Duos are also great for this. You can use the entire sponge surface or part of it (tip or edge). The movement of your hand will create a texture of pattern. Try different movements, never press or pull too hard, and re-ink often to avoid damaging the foam. Stamp all the images with a darker color ink. 

At this point you have two options: A. Let it dry as is and consider your art work finished.
B. Emboss the entire surface with clear powder for an enameled effect.

Technique No. 2: Resist Embossing--- 1. Emboss a few stamped images with Top Boss clear embossing ink and Clear embossing powder. 2. Stamp the same image, or different
images, in several colors of pigment ink. 3. Emboss again with Clear embossing powder
(the powder will adhere to the pigment ink). 4. Rub a dark pigment ink color all over the
entire surface (this will color the space between you embossed images), using the ink pad itself as a brush or brushing ink with cosmetic sponge. Optional: rub a tissue gently on the embossed design to make it brighter. 5. Emboss the entire surface with Clear embossing powder.

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