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How Do You Clean Your Stamps? (compiled)
(12 posts as of Jan. 29, 2000)
by Mickey Jo

From: Mickey Jo --- I use a tiny tupperware container and a sponge I wet with water. I just clean it off on there, then dry it off on the little cleaner pads that have the little bristels to them. This gets in between all the little nooks and crannys and dries and cleans them out.

From: Anita L---- I clean mine with a commercial stamp cleaner. My bottle has the sponge on the top and I scrub the stamp with it. Then I rub them across a stamp cleaning pad to dry and make sure they're clean. I bought a bunch of the cleaner when a local store had 40% off all stamps and supplies, so I got it pretty cheap. I don't know what I'll do when my supply runs out and I have to pay full price for it :)!

From: Kelly ---When I stamp, I keep the an old meat tray or something like it on my stamp table. What I do is put a wad of damp/wet paper towels in it, and as I stamp, I "stamp" on the wet paper towels to get my stamp clean. WORKS GREAT and it's easy, and FREE to boot. Then I keep a folded dishtowel or something like it on my table too, and put my cleaned stamps on to dry. Very simple. Took longer to semi-explain than it does to do!

From: Maria P----- I use "Kiss Off". It's a stain remover that I found at Hobby Lobby. I use baby wipes (without lanolin, put a little water in container to dilute the baby wipes). After I am through stamping, I stamp on the baby wipes, wiping off excess ink, then go to the bathroon, rub on the Kiss Off, use DH old toothbrush and scrub off the rest of the ink. Then I lay it on a paper towel to dry. I clean EACH stamp
after I use it. Works pretty well for me.

From: Tori ----Maria ~ That is exactly what I do minus the kiss off! I have lots of those travel containers that huggies come in and I just keep one filled up with my stamping stuff.

From: Linda H ---- Since most of mine are unmouted, I don't have to worry about the wood. I use the baby wipes without alcohol and Lanolin.
***IMPORTANT, don't use lanolin or petrolium products on rubbber, it will ruin them.***They clean up really good. If I do use a cleaner on them, I use Simple Green. Not only is it pretty earth friendly (Linda the Vegetarian/Tree Hugger) it is cheap and will not harm the rubber. I actually contacted the company and asked them, and they said it was fine to use on rubber/latex products. (NEW POST) Simple Green is a environmentally safe cleaning agent that you can get at stores like Walmart, grocery stores or home depot type stores.....I got the idea from our local stamp store so OF COURSE it is perfectly safe....AND CHEAP!

From: Diane ---- I use the baby wipes that have no alcohol or any additives. I just press the stamp into the pile (I leave them in the container and just remove it when it gets too dirty) then rub it on to one of those pads that you use for trimming when you paint. (It has many little "fingers" that clean the stamp). You don't have to worry about the wood warping or anything.

From: Jerri ----Most of my stamps look pretty good, but the ones I use the dye inks with a lot look awful. I have heard you can use Skin So Soft from Avon to clean them.....have not tried it yet. I started out with all pigment inks, so this is a problem for me.

From: Dee ---- I have one of those stamp scrubber pads. So I put water on it and a drop of dish detergent. Then I rub my stamp across it and dry with a paper towel.

From: Mickey Jo ---Doesn't soap hurt stamps?? I thought you were not suppose to use detergents??? Hurry inquiring minds want to know!

From: Kathey C----A great thing to use to clean your stamps is a stamp scrubber pad with 1 part simple green to 3 parts water....even gets those 'stubborn' stains out....if you don't have a scrubber pad thingy, just layer some paper towels and squirt the stuff on....

From: Linda H --- This is what I know about cleaning stamps... Rubber is pretty
indistructible (as far as what we do with it). It's worst enemies are, exposure to sunlight, so try to store them in a dark, cool place. They do not like petroleum products like vaseline and lanolin. You remember the warnings about condoms and vaseline???? LOL So other than your friends walking off with your stamps or the dogs thinking they are chew toys, not much else can hurt them. Remember they are made at high tempatures in a Vulcanizer, this is why you can actally do the velvet stamping where you use your clothes iron. Yes you can have a thermal melt down if you are not careful. So most chemicals will not hurt them. I have used Windex with good results. As far as Simple Green...I live in the PNW and it is readily available. A company in the Los Angeles, CA area makes it. Cannot tell you what is in it. It is a company secret. Already tried to find out because you know how I like to duplicate recipes! LOL. I contacted the company to see if they let people repackage their products for sale (like most other companies do) but that is not their policy. It would have been a great product to sell as a Rubber stamp cleaner. It is bright green and located next
to the other spray cleaners/disinfectants. I love this stuff!!!}

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