Step 1: Take a piece of the white cardstock.
Step 2: Take the green ink pad and press it softly all over the
Step 3. Now take the red ink pad and use your finger. Place three
              fingerprints in a triangular way on the green background.
              Like berries.
Step 4: Take the gold marker and draw leaves behind the berries.
              Use just vague outlines.
Step 5: Print the Christmas picture (I bought a sprig of holly with
             berries.) on a smaller piece of white cardstock and cut it
             out in the shape of a tag.
Step 6:  Colour the picture in and place glitter in the middle of the
Step 7: Fold a bigger piece of cardstock in half so that you have a
Step 8: Cut the green with berries cardstock you made earlier a
              little bit smaller than the card and paste it on the front.
Step 9: Cut a smaller tag from the white cardstock and print on it
              the words "Merry Christmas.
Step 10: Punch holes at the top of the tags. Use some of the
               ribbon that was attached to the flowers hubby gave you
               for your last birthday and tie through the holes to the top
               of the tags.
Step 11: Fix the two tags onto the coloured cardstock using glue.
Step 12: Use the stamp of the candle and print it all over the
We shall not use the stamp of the cupcake at all.  Whallah! There is your card.


Born: 5 Dec 1952  Died 10 June 2006

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005

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