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Welcome to Stampers Anonymous. 

We here are there for you. 
We will help you to find how to possible cure this very obsessive disease. ( And I guarantee if we can't cure you, we will make sure you get the most out of your supplies. Thus comforting you and relieving the stress that builds up when worried hubby might say .... "Why do you continue to buy when you haven't even used 
what you bought 3 months ago.".....LOL. I guarantee in  one month time you will be able to reply.... "But hubby just look at these beautiful cards I made just for your mom, sister, friends etc." Of course  we won't be able to help hubby when he gets that stunned look of shot on his face....
(SHE DID USE SOME OF HER SUPPLIES AFTER ALL) And don't be surprised if you start hearing little things in hubbies conversations with friends whom have wife's that stamp too. 
(Oh my wife is seeking Therapy and is so much better, now she is actually putting some of these items to good use, I mean last week she made a card for my mom. And you know how she loathes her........we don't' argue so much any more, now that she has started Therapy she is happier, less anxiety and stress, seems much happier.......My wife 
actually uses some of her supplies now.) So sit down,  introduce yourself and then lets begin.

Hello I am Mickey Jo Corbin, I have been stamping for almost 5 years. (As of Aug 1998).  My stamping supplies are taking over my 
home too. And I will admit I do have stamping supplies I have never even tried. And yes I still collect, but I can show you too how to get the most out of a few minutes here and there. So lets begin. (he he he)

Introduce yourself and tell me how long have you been stamping. Then I would like you to follow these simple steps below. And report back to me if this process seems to help you at all. grin.

Do you find time is short and you never get to play any more. Do not try to make an entire card if you find 15 to 30 minutes of free time. Follow these simple steps below and you will be on the road to a happier you.

Step# 1---. 

All that beautiful Card stock you seem to be collecting and filling up drawers, boxes and containers with. Grab approximately 10 to 20 sheets, and what ever you use to cut them in 1/2 with. Take them to table or even to a TV tray in front of the TV. (family will think you are spending quality time with them. grin) Cut each one in half for future card making use. Stack them to the side. Having fun and have more time. Good Grab some more sheets and cut them too. Wouldn't hurt if you cut 20, 30 or even more sheets. Just think of all that work save later on.

Step #2

....Next time you get a break Grab a hand full of the cut Sheets of Card Stock and fold them in half. Store them in shoe boxes standing up, or even cereal boxes cut in half.  Orrrrrrr Cut entire tops off of the pretty Kleenex box and store them in there. Ok another step completed.

Step # 3

........Ok now you have actually came a ways into your THERAPY. Notice you can now say you have actually used some of that Card stock and done something with it.  Spend QUALITY grin Time with family, and hubby seen you actually using some of them supplies. Give yourself a Thumb up and a pat on the back. Don't you feel good about what you have accomplished?

Step # 4

........Next time you get a 15 to 30 minute break.  Grab about 10 to 15 sheets of White Card stock, and your cutting supplies. Cut each of these in half. Separate into 2 piles. First pile cut in half again. Set them 
aside, you are done with them. 2nd pile, cut into half's, then cut each half in half again. (thus cutting you sheet of card stock into 1/8ths.). Neatly stack all of these two piles together. If more time allows grab a few more sheets of white card stock or cream and do the same steps 
above. Store these cut pieces either with your folded card stock, or place them in the very front of your CLEAR IRIS Cart Drawer. (don't' matter which drawer, just pick one).   Now you have pieces cut and ready to stamp on.  Don't you feel good?

Step # 5

.......Got another day and another few minutes.  Then grab a couple small stamps of flowers, or some other design that needs to be colored in. And a few of your 1/4 size pieces of Card Stock and Black Ink Pad. Find a table or TV Tray. Stamp your stamp over an entire piece thus making a back ground to be used later. See now you have 4 steps completed. You can also use this same stamp and with your eyes divide this piece of card stock in half.  Stamp 2 rows of flowers or what ever you picked. Now more that 3 in a row of the image. These can be used to cut in half and run down the center of a card.

Step # 6. 

Pick a movie and tell the kids you are going to spend time with them. But wait, have to bring along the images you stamped above, tv tray or lap desk, and your box of Chalks, markers or colored pencils. Sit and 
enjoy the movie and color these while doing so. See getting closer to completing Several cards aren't you?

Step # 7

.......Pick out a bigger version of the stamp you used for back ground. Or something that would compliment it. If it takes you a long time to decide what to pick out.  Then you will have to break Step # 7 into part A and B. So we will call picking out the stamp part A.

B----Grab some of them 1/8 size pieces of Card stock that you have cut already. Black ink pad. (or your embossing supplies if you would like to do that). Stamp your images onto the sheets. ONE PER SHEET of course. Another Task all done.

Step # 8

....Get images that you stamped in Step # 7. And some sort of method for coloring them in. If they are embossed and you have Radiant Pearls or Water colors, color them in with these. Ok wow look at you. You have completed 8 steps so far , don't you feel good. You have 
actually gotten to enjoy your stamping supplies and done something you enjoy doing. And didn't have to push it all away due to lack of time.

SOrry More steps. LOL.

Step # 9. 

Grab your Friskars Decorative edge scissors and your back ground stamped images, and some of the ones for  the front. Trim them around. DON't do them all, as you want some still flat on sides. WOw see that was fast and easy and you had fun didn't you. Ok ok I am obsessed with cutting, so this step is more fun to me. LOL

Step #10 

Pick out colors of card stock to layer with your colored in images. And put your cards together. There ya go. You actually have a finished product. Now you can stamp or write on the inside. Or even place a raised message on the front. Don't forget to sign the backs 
of your cards.

You have now Graduated and should feel pretty good about yourself. Now pick what your next step will be. 
BIG INKY HUGS to you all.

Written By
Mickey Jo

Aug 2000

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