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Our dream began around August of  1998.  I (Mickey Jo) had just went to my very first Rubber Stamping Party and was addicted immediately.  I filled out my order which came to $150.  Thank goodness the Demonstrator told me I should place a smaller order and host a party of my own so that I might get lots of free stamps.  So I did and ended up a month later owning about $300 worth of supplies.

Hubby was active duty Air Force and we had about 4 1/2 years to go until he would retire.  Well I told him I wanted so badly to have my very own Rubber Stamp Business. He said well let's wait until we retire, and figure out where we would be settling down.  

Well this was a long time coming Dream.   And with very little twisting of his arm, I managed to talk hubby (Ralph) into letting me start the business via the internet one year prior to our soon to be retirement.

So in August of 2000, around the middle of the month we began putting my dream into reality.

Presenting "Mouse Connections"© from our house to yours.  Time to get started and have some fun.  

Mouse Connections© is a family ran and owned business, which started out in beautiful hot and humid Georgia.  The whole family likes to draw, so we wanted to share our drawings with all of you. 

Our first Catalog we put together 5 Aug of the year 2000.  Starting out with our first 3 Plates.

We retired in August of 2001, and bought land and a house in Middle Tennessee.  Beautiful and so peaceful here.  

We promise to give our customers quality art stamps that you will be proud to own, and add to your very own collection.  Our stamps are made from quality material.  Cut and trimmed with my very own little hands. grin.  If by chance a mistake is made while trimming, we guarantee to replace it.  You may return the image for a full refund or credit toward another purchase.

Mouse Connections© is an Angel Company.  Our images are copyrighted.  Mechanical reproduction of our images in any form is strictly prohibited.  This means no clip art either.  We do give permission to our customers to sell their hand-stamped creations at craft shows, or anywhere else they might have in mind.  This means you may purchase our stamps, but you must give us credit on anything that you stamp or sell, or place on display for others to see.  Such as magazines or web sites, so that others will know the design must be purchased and is not free for the taking.

This is us below, hubby and I that is. Just click on the pic to see a larger version.

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