For Your Velcro Needs

Velcro is great for helping you to use those unmounted stamps.  So much cheaper and better than going with wood mounted.

Looking for wide strips of VELCRO (Hook and Loop) ?  Maybe you want to cut your own strips for the HALOS.    Last Updated 13 October 2009  

Well today I think I have solved that problem.  What will this cost you ?  Well read below and find out.  Front and back are sold separately for those that only need one or the other.  You won't find a better deal anywhere else.

4 x 12 Sheet of Loop (fuzzy part for back of UM's)  $2.50

4 x 12 Sheet of Hook   $2.50

4 x 24 Sheet of Loop $4.50

4 x 24 Sheet of Hook $4.50

4 x 36 Sheet of Loop $6.50

4 x 36 Sheet of Hook $6.50

You can even line up your stamps to make a boarder.  Something you can't do real well when wood mounted.  But this is fast and easy. 

Or maybe you want to do what I did when I first started out with UNMOUNTED STAMPS.   Take 6 different sizes and shapes of WOOD BLOCKS, add VELCRO HOOK to the back of them.  And then Velcro Loop to the back of your UM's (Unmounted Stamps)  Unmounted means NOT mounted on WOOD.  This is fast and easy to do and use. 

Of course after awhile you will want to do what we did and purchase the HALOS System.   They are Clear Acrylic Blocks, and you can see through them to see what you are stamping.


See through it to maybe add some moths to the inside of a jar.

And with the Velcro being wide pieces, you can cover the entire UM, then trim around both for better look and fit.   I tried the smaller strips sold at local craft stores.   Which are fine when there is nothing else to use.  But then I noticed that some of my UM's like a dogs legs had to have a tiny piece for each leg, and when you get done stamping and pull that off the wood block, it tends to pull the tiny piece of the Velcro off the UM, keeping the Velcro loop attached to the hook part.


How to store them (UM's) once you buy them.

just click to enlarge.

Um Storage.jpg (116567 bytes)

  My new neater way.

New Um Storage.jpg (36953 bytes)

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