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Inky Stampin Friends

This list was founded on 11 January 2000 by Mickey Jo C. & Tori Wools. 

Hello my name is Mickey Jo C.   aka   Mousey Mom/ Owner to Inky Stampin Friends.     Our Present 2nd in Command is Karen Mitchell.    We have  Shelly Hinkle that helps out alot too and soon to be a moderator i hope.  With out these two ladies our list just would not be as fun.   

I started this list with the help of a very good friend named Tori Wools. It took us forever to come up with the name. But we had a blast doing it. And besides, who needs sleep anyways. grin.

So we got right to work and invited several of our good Friends and Vendors to join. We figured what better way to make up the perfect list than by hand picking who we wanted to join. Once the list was formed, other list members, invited there friends along to help us form some wonderful friendships.  We call members our Family.

From there we have had several other 2nd in command moderators.  Such as.....

Our Next 2nd in command WAS  Tera Pelfrey. a very good friend among many to me. She just stepped up to this job the beginning of 2002. And is doing a fantastic job. Hope we have a long partnership.  Tera & I  met on Inky Stampin Friends list  and formed a  friendship. But has little by little bloomed into a great friendship / partnership in running ISF. grin 

Then there was Michelle Earnest......Micki & I have known each other for a very long long time.  She and I met on another list way before ISF was formed.  We continue to be good friends and trip our family out when we call and they say Mickey, um Micki is on the phone. lol

Ginny C. my mind just went blank on her last name.  But we were very good friends and kept in touch on and off list.  I sure  miss her.

Then Karen Mitchell.......Karen and I have became good friends over the past few years and I hope we stay friends forever.  She has been my support and shrink at times. grin.

Our list is a warm loving community of Stampers who enjoy sharing tips, techniques and important events in our lives. A place for rubber stamping friends to meet and chat about stamping projects, ideas, family OR anything! 

**Please note, we do talk about NON-Stamping related topics. So be prepared for laughs, and lots of teasing. grin.. We also say prayers for each other when and if they are needed. I feel power of prayer can be majorly healing.

***Our list is now open again to new membership When closed you will not be able to join unless it is by invitation from a current member. Or email me to see if there is an opening. We love to get new members.


***This list is open by invitation only, unless we are below 75 members, then it is listed on the web again.  We do this to keep the list small, thus helping us all to get to know each other better and forming a sort of close knit family.

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